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Sending some mail

This week’s batches of outgoing mail. No letters though. Seriously, I’m happy if I manage writing two letters a month, so no way I would be able to send out these many letters! It’s a few bits and pieces I sold in a Swedish planner group on Facebook. Even if only sending sold stuff, I enjoy decorating the envelopes when I know the recepients are crafty people. IF I have the time, that is.

I might have gotten a little bit over the top with washi. But then again, having thousands (not really, but way more than a hundred) washi tapes, it’s good that I use them. 🙂



Back into snail mail

As some of you know, I’ve loved writing letters ever since I was a kid (got my first penpals when I was 10 years old). I still love it now as an adult. However, for the past almost fifteen years, I didn’t write much at all. Until the last couple of years. Although writing “much” these years is to exaggerate. It’s been more of wanting to write than to actually write. This week I’ve slowly started to catch up with writing those long overdue letters.

This letter going out a couple of days ago, isn’t a regular letter though. It’s a pocket letter. A pocket letter is a letter sent in a pocket trading card protector (with nine slots). You fill the pockets with small cards, more or less decorated depending on how crafty your are. You can add some small crafty goodies, or tea bag or whatever in some of the pockets, and in one pocket you include a letter you’ve written. This concept was created by Janette Lane.

I’ll show you photos of my first outgoing pocket letter once I know it’s reached its recipient. Until then, here’s the envelope. I think I went a little bit over the top when decorating it. 😉 It’s sent via a Swedish pocket letter group on Facebook.