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I know I haven’t blogged much for quite a while now. Neither have I been very arty or crafty either. It seems like I’ve totally lost my mojo. Kind of a burn out after all the Christmas cards I made by the end of last year, maybe? So, until I have anything new to show you, here are a few neon adult coloring pages, from The Neon Colouring Book, that I colored last year.




Time flies

An entire month since my latest blog post?! Shame on me. Thing is, I haven’t felt inspired to do any crafting lately. So, with this post I’ll just share a few past coloring pages.

First page is from issue #1 of the French edition of Art Therapy, colored with Sharpie markers:

Next picture is from the book Magic Mandala, colored with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen Brush:

And this final picture is from the book Fjärilar (Butterflies), colored with Sharpie markers:

Did I mention that yellow-orange-red-magenta is my fave color combination? 😉


I’ll post a couple of cards later today. But until I’ve got started with the cardmaking, here are a few coloring pages. First picture is from Swedish book Kreativiet och mindfulness (the red one). The second one is a picture drawn by Kerry McQuaid, and the last one by Karla Dornacher. All colored with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen Brush.




Even more coloring

Yes, I have plenty of coloring pages to post. Here’s a few.

This first one is from the Swedish book “Kreativitet och mindulness” (the red one), colored with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen Brush:


The next picture is printed from Coloring Pages for adults, colored with various kinds of pens:


Last picture for today is also from Coloring Pages for adults, colored with Sharpie markers:


More coloring

Here are a few more adult coloring pictures, as I still don’t have any new cards to show.

First one is from Swedish magazine Målarboken #2, colored with True Color markers:


A picture from the book Mandala Magic, colored with Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight:


And the final one for today (not colored today, but posting today! 🙂 ), printed from website Coloring Pages for adults, colored with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen Brush:



Not too much time or inspiration for carmaking right now, here’s a few mandalas I colored when I just had started coloring about half a year ago.

First one is from the book Mandala Magic, colored with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen Brush. I challenged myself by color in greyscale only.




This one is from the Swedish book Kreativitet och Mindfulness (the red one – there’s a red and a green book), also colored with the Faber-Castell pens.


Last mandala for now is from Mandala Magic, colored with Color Diamond gel pens.


Same but different

Here are a couple of pictures I colored a while ago. The pictures are similar and I used the same colors for both, but placed the colors in different order. Pictures from the book Mandala Magic colored with Faber-Castell PITT artist pens (my fave pens when coloring).

150618-0019 150618-0020

The beginning of my adult coloring

You might have noticed that coloring books for adults are very popular now. Those of us who color, all do it for various reasons. For me, it’s because it’s relaxing. I can play with colors without having to think. When I make cards or draw portraits, I always think all the time. How to begin, what will be the next step and so on. When I color in coloring books, the only thinking I do is picking out a few pens to use. Then I just color.

These two images were made during my first month of coloring. The first one is from Coloring Pages for adults, and the second one is from the book Mandala Magic. Both are colored with Sense neon gel pens.


Three drawings

Wow! I haven’t updated this blog since January…!! As a matter of fact, I haven’t updated any of my blogs since January. I got stuck on Facebook and forgot all about blogging…

Here are the three drawings I’ve made so far this year. I know, three isn’t much for half a year. But it’s better than none at all. 😉

Ted Poley

Ted Poley

A friend's son

A friend's son (commission)

Joey Tempest

Joey Tempest (commission)

Drawing #8 – Emily and Eva

My 8th and last drawing for 2010 was a commission. A portrait of my friend and colleague Eva and her daughter Emily, which Eva’s husband gave her for Christmas. It’s an A3 (approximately 16.5″x11.7″), twice the size of the other drawings I have made. But then, there are two people in it. 😉

Emily and Eva

Emily and Eva

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