Not too much time or inspiration for carmaking right now, here’s a few mandalas I colored when I just had started coloring about half a year ago.

First one is from the book Mandala Magic, colored with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen Brush. I challenged myself by color in greyscale only.




This one is from the Swedish book Kreativitet och Mindfulness (the red one – there’s a red and a green book), also colored with the Faber-Castell pens.


Last mandala for now is from Mandala Magic, colored with Color Diamond gel pens.


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  1. tammy larson says:

    Treat website but next time make coloring sheets that you can print to color because my daughter loves coloring mandalas and the ones that you posted are just beautiful. We have a whole wall up at home with only her colored artworks and I’ll send you a picture if I get the chance. Keep up the great work but make pages to print out.

    • tammy larson says:

      I also think that you should make your own coloring books. AWESOME!

    • creamaria says:

      Thank you for liking my coloring. 🙂 Not sure if I can make my own pages to print, but I might give it a try. I would love to see your daughter’s colored artwork some time.

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