Monthly Archives: September 2014

Long time no see!

You’re right, it’s been a LONG time since my last post. Fact is, I haven’t paper crafted at all since then. Or any other crafting. Besides one thing – I’ve picked up my cross stitching again. To make a long story short, I haven’t been feeling well, and I needed some kind of crafting where I didn’t have to think. Which makes cross stitching perfect, I just have to check the chart and make the stitches it says I should make. However, showing what I’ve stitched or am stitching now will be in a future post.

This post is about my first step back into paper crafting after these two months. Not paper crafting as in cardmaking or scrapbooking, but filofaxing! I’ve been decorating my filofax pages for over a year now, and it’s still what makes me actually use and check my planner. 😀 Okay, these past several non-crafting weeks I didn’t decorate it. But, last week I finally did it again! Instead of just adding a bit of washi tape and stickers or stamping or rub-ons, I’ve kind of got into scrapping the entire pages. Week 38 in my daily planner was decorated with papers from DCWV Street Lace:


And yes, for those of you who understands Swedish – I actually write down “water plants” in my planner. Before I started doing that, they were lucky if they got watered every second week…!

Besides my daily planner, I have another one where I write notes about things I put on Tradera (Swedish eBay), what I create, blog posts and snail mail. Haven’t decorated these pages either for several weeks, but here’s an old spread from week 30. A bit over the top, but I enjoyed doing it. Not sure where all the supplies are from – it’s a total mish mash of everything!


If you’re interested in starting to decorate your filofax or other planner, search Instagram or Pinterest for lots of inspiration. There are also monthly planner kits for purchase, such as Paper Addict Planner Kit and Happie Planner Kit. Starting very soon, is also Studio Calico’s online class Agenda.