Last summer I discovered the world of Filofaxing. I stumbled upon it on Instagram, and quickly learned that there are zillions of creative Filofax photos on Instagram, videos on YouTube and groups on Facebook. People who collect Filofaxes, or who love to decorate the pages.

Every year I buy a new planner, but only stick to it for a month or two, then I forget about it. I’ve tried to use the calendar on my smartphone, but never did anything else than adding my work schedule. Everything else, I tried to just remember anyway. So, neither planner nor smartphone calendar worked for me. Until all the online inspiration made me get my first Filofax last summer. It works perfectly for me! Decorating the pages makes the planner more fun for me, and I remember to look up what I’m supposed to do as well as writing down everything I need to remember.

Here’s last week. A bit of rubberstamping, and of course washi tape (after all, I am a washi addict).


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