A couple of notebooks

The last few days, I’ve been browsing the notebook section of Etsy a lot, and noticed that you don’t always have to create superfancy artsy stuff. You can simply take just about anything and turn it into a notebook! I like that idea, and since I have my Bind-It-All tool which I have hardly ever used, I wanted to try making some notebooks.

My first try was to turn an empty Snickers icecream box into a notebook, instead of throwing it away. I matted pieces of the box on red cardstock, cut 60 white pages (out of plain printer paper) and used a brown o-wire (brown as in chocolate of course! 😀 ).

My second try was the insert of a Jimi Hendrix CD. I had planned to sell that album on an auction site, but since I know I wouldn’t get much money for it anyway, I could as well turn it into a notebook. 😀 I glued the insert onto blue cardstock, used blue lined paper and a black o-wire.

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  1. Snälla Maria. Kan du inte göra en notebook till mig? Med dr House på. Jag mailar bilden. Och betalar vad det kostar. Pliiiiis. Kram

  2. Gunvor says:

    Superfina Maria! Tusen tack för inspirationen!

  3. Sollan says:

    De är så perfekt personliga och så underbara. 🙂

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