Monthly Archives: July 2011

A not my style card…

I made a card today. To send to my mom to congratulate her on getting the beautiful water pump (the same kind as in this stamped image) she has wanted for so long, and as example of what we carry in the store at work (the rubberstamp and the patterned paper). This is so not my style. 😉 I’m not into “cute” stuff, and I’m not into soft pastel colors. Still, I’m quite satisfied with the result.

I cut out part of the butterfly from the patterned paper, so I could stick the stamped image underneath. The stamped image is by the way colored with watercolor pencils (I prefer ProMarkers, but I wanted a soft look to match the rest of the card).

A couple of notebooks

The last few days, I’ve been browsing the notebook section of Etsy a lot, and noticed that you don’t always have to create superfancy artsy stuff. You can simply take just about anything and turn it into a notebook! I like that idea, and since I have my Bind-It-All tool which I have hardly ever used, I wanted to try making some notebooks.

My first try was to turn an empty Snickers icecream box into a notebook, instead of throwing it away. I matted pieces of the box on red cardstock, cut 60 white pages (out of plain printer paper) and used a brown o-wire (brown as in chocolate of course! 😀 ).

My second try was the insert of a Jimi Hendrix CD. I had planned to sell that album on an auction site, but since I know I wouldn’t get much money for it anyway, I could as well turn it into a notebook. 😀 I glued the insert onto blue cardstock, used blue lined paper and a black o-wire.

Dressed for success

Last month I dressed up a torso. I think it was meant for decoupage, but since I’m not the decoupage kind of girl, I did it the scrapbooking way instead. 😉

I did have some problems with the top (hey, she has curves! I’m a cardmaker and only used to work with flat stuff), and ended up glueing paper strips instead of larges pieces of paper. The necklace is selfadhesive pearls.
The paper for the skirt is folded to give a pleated look, with lace at the bottom.
Around her waist is a ribbon, tied with a bow in the back.