Monthly Archives: June 2011

Tick tock

Last week I decided to make as many cards as possible out of two patterned papers (printed on both sides, so I had four patterns to choose from), plus of course cardstock, sentiments and decorations. I ended up doing eight cards. The sentiments mean “Time and life can not be repeated” and “We always have enough time, if only we use it correctly”. Or something like that.

Three drawings

Wow! I haven’t updated this blog since January…!! As a matter of fact, I haven’t updated any of my blogs since January. I got stuck on Facebook and forgot all about blogging…

Here are the three drawings I’ve made so far this year. I know, three isn’t much for half a year. But it’s better than none at all. 😉

Ted Poley

Ted Poley

A friend's son

A friend's son (commission)

Joey Tempest

Joey Tempest (commission)